Welcome to Motor City Pickups

Motor City Pickups is located in the heart of Detroit City, specializing in custom made - scatter-wound pickups. We offer Humbuckers, P90's, and Single Coil pickups in four distince categories, to suite a wide variety of playing styles, from classic blues to extreme modern metal.

High Quality Materials

Motor City Pickups uses the highest quality materials. We don't try to cut costs by using cheap metals or wire - no "bargain bin" materials like some other companies. We use different point carbon steels and irons per model to get different results in tone. True electrical iron keeper bars and slugs/screws. Nickel-silver covers and hard northern maple spacers. And as always, custom made genuine nickel-silver covers. We'll not use the term "Soft Iron" as it is misleading and currently there is no formula for this metal in the machinist industry whatsoever.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is very simple and straight forward:

We promise the absolute best pickups on the market - period.

All of our pickups are guaranteed for LIFE to the original purchaser to be free and clear of any defect against craftsmanship.


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