MotorCity Pickup Information

Motor City Pickups offers a wide variety of Humbucker, P-90, and Single Coil pickups spread across four distinct categories to help you attain the specific sound you're searching for.

No matter your style, we at Motor City Pickups are sure you will find a pickup that enhances your sound. Choose a category below, and see what we have to offer.

Categories are listed in order from most modern, to most vintage.

Extreme Mega-output pickups specially designed for intense, brutal metal styles.

Modern Powerful output for modern styles, but clear, fat, and toneful.

Vintage Hot Rod Vintage tones tweaked with more output, balls and beef.

Old School True classic designs and authentic tones for the vintage purists.


Pickup Options

All pickups come with a range of options as well:

Bobbin Colors: Black, "Vintage Ivory", White. (all bobbins can be aged and "Scarred")
Bobbin Spacing: 50 mm (standard), 52mm (trem spacing), 49.2 (Vintage)
Covers*: Nickle, Gold, Black, Pitch Black (custom), Detroit Gasoline, Raw Nickle (polished or aged)
Hook-Up Wire: Vintage Braided Push back (2 conductor), 4 conductor**

* All covers can be aged
** Not available on Old-School models

Wiring Color Guide

Green is Start

Red is Finish

Black-and-white are for the screw side

Black is start white is finish

Tying red and white together black to braided ground is green as hot or go will work for humbucking mode

Put the corresponding colors to the starts and finish of any diagram and there you go


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